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Netgear genie and its feature
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NETGEAR Genie and its Features

Netgear genie and its feature
What is Netgear Genie

The main purpose of the Netgear Genie is to manage and help configure Netgear devices much easier than the conventional processes. One of the best features that the Netgear Genie provides is real-time monitoring of the network. Once you open the Genie after downloading and installing it, clicking it will take you to the app’s homepage. There are six different panels for different configuration options in the app. They are the Internet, Wi-Fi Connection, Router Settings, Network Map, Parental Controls and ReadyShare.

Internet Panel

The internet panel provides the connection status of the network. The internet panel provides insight into your network.  As well as the status of your network, it also provides you with the download and uploads traffic in Mbps.

Wi-Fi Panel

The Wi-Fi panel will show you the connectivity status of your network on all the devices and what devices are running on which channels. Alternatively, you can see if you’re experiencing slow internet connection and chose to change the channel if needed, providing you a chance to almost never experience slow internet connection. This is where you can connect to the Wi-Fi and manage different networks that you can connect to.

Router Settings Panel

In the Router Settings panel, you can manage guest access and a traffic meter which displays the information such as the total upload and download traffic for a specific amount of time. You can also download the firmware from the Router Settings panel.

Network Map Panel

The Network Map Panel enlists the number of devices that are connected to the user’s network. It also notifies you when new devices connect to the network.

Parental Control Panel

The parental Control panel provides with the security features and real-time data monitoring remotely. This makes it really easy to set online boundaries.


This panel helps for managing storage that is attached to the router. There is also a separate app for ReadyShare but the panel in the Netgear Genie provides an easy way to manage storage devices and printers attached to the router.

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