Use this guide to setup any wireless router

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Basic Steps to Setup a Router

Setup Any WiFi router
  • Place your wireless router

    – The optimum location to place your router is at the center of your home. So, this way you will get even coverage at your place. But this cannot be possible most of the time as it is mandatory to connect the router to the broadband gateway and that will be mounted on a wall. But try to place it in an open area and not in a closet.

  • Make a Physical connection

    – Firstly, connect your router to the modem by using the cables provided with the router. You have to plug in the Ethernet cable from the modem to the Internet port of the router. Mostly the internet port has a different color to differentiate it from the LAN ports.

  • Connect devices to the router

    – Now connect your device such as a computer to the router by using the Ethernet cable. You can also go for wireless connection by connecting with the network name of the router. The wired connection is generally stable and faster.

  • Register router’s MAC address to ISP

     Turn on the router. When you turn on the router the power LED on the router turns solid. But your router gets it will only create Wi-Fi network. To get the internet, you have to register MAC address to the Internet Service Provider.

  • Configure your router

    – After getting the internet, open a web browser from the computer. It will take you to the setup wizard. The setup wizard does the work for you. You have to fill the details only it asks you.

  • The setup is complete

    – After the setup, the configuration panel can be opened by using the web browser. Enter the default web address into the address bar and enter the username and password. It opens the basic home page of the router.

  • It is recommended

    – To change the wireless password and admin password to make your router secure.

  • Save the settings you have made. Your router will reboot to apply these changes.

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