Some common Netgear queries Solved:


If you have doubt or query regarding Netgear Products, go through below given FAQ for better understanding.


Q: – 1 It is very annoying when Netgear extender installation keeps asking for correct wireless password even if I enter the correct password. What should I do Suggest?
Ans: – It happens because of placement of extender on the borderline of a signal range that gets covered by your Key router. Try to move your extender closer to your Router. If you are WEP Security users then check if you have entered correct wireless key or not.

Q: – 2 I recently installed Arlo Q Camera, is it really records 24/7?
Ans: – Yes, Arlo Q Camera can record round the clock. To enable 24/7 recording, utilize Arlo app for adding up Continuous Video Recording plan to Camera. To know more contact our experts on a toll-free number.

Q: – 3 I want to setup Netgear router for my home, but I lost Configuration CD. Please let me know how can I setup My Netgear router without Setup CD?
Ans: – You don’t need Setup CD for setting up Netgear Router. Under Netgear router management, the Setup wizard play same role like Smart Wizard plays in Installation CD.

Q: – 4 Is there any option by which I can extend Netgear router’s guest network via Wireless extender?
Ans: – Yes, you can easily extend Netgear router’s guest network. To know more about this topic, do a live chat with our experts.

Q: – 5 Can I use Arlo cameras for both Outdoor & Indoor recording?
Ans: – Yes, Arlo Netgear Cameras are weatherproof Cameras. It means they can be used easily in any weather or in any location. You will surely get best indoors experience by Arlo Camera.

Q: – 6 Is there any limitation on Placing of Arlo Q camera from the router?
Ans: – Yes, you can place Arlo Q cameras within 300 feet of your Netgear Wi-Fi router. The Remoteness can differ only on the obstacles for example stucco or concrete walls. Wi-Fi interference & metallic barriers can also affect the remoteness.

Q: – 7 How can I Login to my Netgear Router?
Ans: – First of all, connect your computer to Netgear router.
• After that, open a web browser on it.
• Enter Web address Into Browser address bar.
• In case, you can’t access web address then try to use, http://10.0.0, or
• In Login Window, enter default login credentials. Use Admin for Username & password for password & press enter.

Q: – 8 My Extender gets disconnected every time I try to connect it to Netgear router while setup. What to do?
Ans: – Start with changing wireless settings of your Netgear Router.
Next, try to re-flash the firmware of the Extender & router.

Q: – 9 What is the Minimum requirement for Activating the Arlo system?
Ans: – A Computer, Supported operating system (OS) version with Mobile Device & Supported Internet browser.

Q: – 10 What if I want to add more than one Range Extender to my Netgear Router?
Ans: – Yes, you can add more than one range extender to your router. There is one drawback it will affect the performance of client devices that are connected to the second Extender.

Q: – 11 I want to configure or setup my Netgear range extender. Can I use Netgear Genie for it?
Ans: – No you can’t. Netgear Genie doesn’t support Range Extender setup.

Q: -12 Tell me the number of devices or computer can be connected to the router?
Ans: – You can add many devices to your Netgear Router. The only thing that happens after connecting so many devices is slow internet speed. The more devices get connected the more internet connectivity get distributed.

Q: -13 Can my Arlo Q camera is capable of audio recording?
Ans: – Yes, your Arlo Q camera lets its user listen what has been recorded or even can talk to other person live. Arlo Q cameras are like walkie-talkie & work as half-duplex transmission.

Q: -14 Why do Receive Instant alerts by Arlo Camera?
Ans: – Arlo sends instant alerts because it wants to notify what things are taking place that you must know.

Q: -15 Even after, completing the Installation Wizard, my wireless devices still not received the IP address from extender? What is the issue & how can I solve it?
Ans: – Check the password entered on your wireless device.
• Perform Power cycle on your router & extender.
• Place Extender nearby the Router, Also move wireless devices nearer the extender.
• Disable wireless interface & enable it once again. | netgear extender setup | netgear router login
• In case, your router has MAC address then disable it.

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