How to update the firmware on the Linksys Max Stream EA7500 router
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Linksys Firmware Update

The firmware update is a very important process for the router. All the sensitive information such as the banking information of the user when they buy something online, their emails and passwords, their private information and more of the user passes through the router. So in order to protect the router from any potential threats, the firmware needs to be updated. The firmware update also fixes any bugs or previously faced issues within the router, might add overall speed boosts and even some new features to the router. The up to date firmware also makes sure that the router is able to connect to the latest media technology that is coming out almost every other day. This way, every time the user goes to buy a new media device, they don’t have to go around buying new routers compatible with the media devices. Here are the steps to update the firmware:

Steps To Follow :

  1. Go to the Linksys Support Site and download the latest firmware for your router.
  2. Open any internet browser on the device that is connected to the router. Type in the address bar and press enter.
  3. You will be taken to the login page of the router. You will be prompted to type in the default username and password for the router.
  4. The default username and password is “admin” for most of the Linksys routers. The username and password are both case sensitive.
  5. You will see the Administration tab. Click on it. Then click on Firmware Update option.
  6. Click Browse to search for the previously downloaded file.
  7. Locate and select the file from your computer. Click Open.
  8. Click the Start Update option to begin the update process.
  9. After the update is successful, click Continue.
  10. Reboot the router to save the changes made on the router.

Warning: It is advised not to interrupt the process of the firmware update as it can corrupt the router and even render it useless.

After the update process is complete, the user can start using their internet as they please.

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