How To Setup Your Belkin Router?

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Belkin routers are considered as a best home WiFi routers, which are excellent & budget-friendly wireless routers as well. They offer excellent features with good wifi coverage. We can say they are top rated WiFi routers. As they support data streams on the two frequency bands at the same time. They are also easy to setup & manage. Like any other topmost router, you can use parental control, MAC filtering in the Belkin routers. Or if you wish to invest in a router which supports, recent IEEE wireless standards 802.11n, Belkin router is for you. It means your devices can take, benefit from the IEEE wireless standards: 802.11n. Belkin dual-band router can operate at once, on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. So, in this blog, no doubt we will discuss its features working or setup. Along with this, we provide you the information on resetting the device. When you perform reset on your router, it takes the router, to its default settings. So, let’s begin with the Belkin router setup steps.


Steps for Belkin Router Login

  • After completing the cabling, open a web browser on your wireless device or a computer.
  • Type Belkin router default IP address into browser address bar.
  • If you have a doubt regarding Belkin router default IP address, or troubleshoot the issue, with our device.
  • Once you have done with entering the IP address, click on Login button.
  • When you see a window, asking for Belkin router password, leave the password field blank & click on Submit button.
  • Now, visit the section Internet WAN, & click on the Connection type.
  • Choose your connection type & hit the Next button.


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