How to setup Netgear Arlo camera and login

Along with a premium range product price Arlo Camera comes with a very easy way of setting it up. The box includes user manual, cameras, a base station, battery for the camera, power adapter for the base station, base station, battery charging dock with its adapter and an Ethernet cable.

Power off the router and connect the Ethernet cable between the base station and router. Now connect the power adapter to the base station and turn on the router. Once the router and base station have all lights let’s synchronize the camera after the batteries are in place and we have a green light on the camera, press the Sync. Button on the base station for 3-5 seconds and same way press the sync button on the camera. Now using a computer access the Arlo.Netgear.Com website or download the App from a phone or tablet. On the computer Click on the ‘new to Arlo ‘ link and follow simple instructions to get the router recognized the base station first and later the base station shoes the camera connected to it. You can further personalize the account with naming the base station and cameras. The Box also comes along the magnetic mount and screws.

For Arlo Q just connect the power adapter and follow the same above instructions and for Arlo Q Plus just connect the Ethernet cable between the router and the camera.

The base edition of camera gives you up to 7 days of recording clips online storage for free and up to 5 camera maximum can be connected in this edition. Rest it can later be subscribed to an upgrade of 24 hours recoding and up to 15 cameras on one base station.

The motion detection can be controlled up to 50 feet of range and the vision cameras makes is easier to identify things in dark too.

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