Can’t adjust Windows 7 brightness? [Solved]

windows 7 brightness issues solved
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Windows 7 Troubleshooting

Sometimes the user might observe that their screen brightness is stuck and cannot be changed. This can get very irritating if the brightness is stuck on the lowest or the brightest and can heavily strain the eyes of the user. It might be caused due to some outdated drivers related to the screen or any other software. There are a few ways to make sure that the screen brightness can be adjusted properly without getting suck again and again. These might include:

  • Updating the drivers responsible for your screen.
  • Making sure that the drivers related to your Graphics are up to date and running properly.
  • The user can also manually update the drivers or try to adjust the brightness from the Control Panel as well.

Steps to reconfigure the brightness on your Windows 7:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and then select the Power Options.
  2. Click the Change plan settings link and then click Change advance power settings.
  3. Click Display to open the listings under it.
  4. Now locate the issue that you are facing. It may be listed as “Display Brightness” or Enable adaptive Brightness”.
  5. Change the settings of the issue that you are facing and save the settings.
  6. Click OK button to finalize the settings made.

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